The International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition takes place every two years. Responsibility for the conference rotates among three major music psychology regional societies: ESCOM (which organized the highly successful 2012 meeting in Thessaloniki), APSCOM (hosting the 2014 meeting in Seoul) and SMPC, which will be responsible for the 2016 meeting.  The call is now open for any interested person or consortium associated with SMPC to submit a proposal for a conference to be held in North America in the summer (July to mid August) of 2016.

Guidelines for the conference may be found here, and questions may be directed to members of the ICMPC Executive Committee. This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight researchers based in North America while at the same time hosting researchers and students from all over the world.  Proposals should be submitted as soon as possible to SMPC Secretary Peter Pfordresher at pqp <at>  The SMPC Board of Directors will review proposals before passing on one (or possibly more) to ICMPC Board for discussion and approval. 

Questions about organizing ICMPC may be directed to past conference organizer and current ICMPC Executive member Steve Demorest at demorest <at>