ICMPC Governance

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a source of advice to successive organizers. It has no executive powers and no formal constitution. The Advisory Board has established a core membership which contains the organizers of all past conferences, together with the Presidents of the three Pan-National Societies, APSCOM, ESCOM, and SMPC.

The number of Advisory Board membership has grown considerably since 1989, and two modifications of the membership were made after the 10th conference: one representative from each conference’s organizing committee for the Advisory Board and the establishment of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the three most recent conference organizers and the Presidents of APSCOM, ESCOM, and SMPC. The Chair of the Executive Committee will be the second-to-last conference organizer. This six-member Executive Committee tackles various issues, through e-mails and meetings (when possible), and informs the rest of the Advisory Board. The most important actions that the Executive Committee takes are

(1) the production and updating of guidelines for conference organizers,
(2) the assessment of bids from potential future conference organizers in the light of these guidelines, and
(3) launching and maintaining the ICMPC official website.

The Website

The original ICMPC website was founded and had been maintained by Matthew Lavy for over 20 years. (The Advisory Board sincerely thanks Matthew for his long time dedication.)

In 2012, APSCOM, ESCOM, and SMPC donated funds to renew the ICMPC website; in 2013, the current website is launched. During the Business Meeting of ICMPC12 (2012), the Executive Committee proposed that this website be maintained by means of a small portion of the registration fee ($2 per participant) for future conferences, starting from ICMPC13, and this was approved by the participants.

The Executive Committee is responsible for appointing an ICMPC Webmaster. The current webmaster is Amy Belfi, (webmaster<at>music perception.org) to whom all correspondence about this site should be addressed.

Advisory Board Membership

Masanobu Miura

President APSCOM (2023-2024)

Andrea Schiavio

President ESCOM (2022-2024)

Peter Pfordresher

President SMPC (2023-2024)

Diana Deutsch

Co-Organizer 1st ICMPC

Bruce Pennycook

Co-organizer 4th ICMPC

Suk Won Yi

Organizer 5th ICMPC

John Sloboda

Organizer 6th ICMPC

Susan O'Neill

Co-organizer 6th ICMPC

Kate Stevens

Organizer 7th ICMPC

Scott Lipscomb

Organizer 8th ICMPC

Anna Rita Addessi

Co-organizer 9th ICMPC

Mayumi Adachi

Organizer 10th ICMPC

Moo Kyoung Song

Organizer 13th ICMPC

Theodore Zanto

Organizer 14th ICMPC

Richard Parncutt

Organizer 15th ICMPC

Renee Timmers

Organizer 16th ICMPC

Masanobu Miura

Organizer 17th ICMPC

Hiroshi Kawakami

Co-organizer 17th ICMPC

Note: Members of the advisory board who have passed include Roger Kendall (organizer of 2nd ICMPC), Irène Deliège (organizer of 3rd ICMPC), and Steven Demorest (organizer of 11th ICMPC). We are forever thankful for their contributions to our discipline. 

Executive Committee (Current)

Renee Timmers (Chair)

ICMPC 16 Organizer

Peter Pfordresher

SMPC President

Andrea Schiavio

ESCOM President

Masanobu Miura

APSCOM President

Richard Parncutt

ICMPC 15 organizer

Hiroshi Kawakami

ICMPC 17 (co-)organizer